Posted by: barrynormal | January 16, 2008

Lucky Number Slevin … Lucy Liu I love you

“Lucky Number Slevin” … No idea how it did at the box office but I kept catching bits of it on Sky and got hooked. Any film with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley and Lucy Liu in support roles MUST be good. It will probably always be one of my favourite films that did not quite get into my top 10 … Oh no, I have just realised … it IS in my top 10 now. I suppose it is a “Caper / sting” film but to tell you that before you have seen it might ruin it … Tough. It is not only great fun, it propelled Lucy Liu to the top of my pin-up charts(I guess she doesn’t give one about that … tears streaming down my face as I write). She normally plays a  mad, Samurai  sword wielding Dominatrix or a cutesy in Charlie’s Angels but, playing a normal person, she is so wholesome, stunning and likeable and cute and sexy that, if I was married, I would immediately get divorced … just in case. The male lead, Josh Hartnett (WAY too good looking … my life would have been very different if I looked like him) is superbly cool and self-effacing, and is in nearly every scene playing against the big-hitting support cast. He has to be careful as Bruce Wills AND Ben Kingsley AND Lucy Liu very nearly steal the film from him. Ben Kingsley has played Ghandi and an evil London gangster in “Sexy beast”, and he plays an evil American gangster brilliantly in this. The plot is way too tortuous to recount but if you like tongue in cheek capers with 3,147 twists at the end … watch it. I did … about 8 times. I will never stop watching it. Every now and then you watch a film that grabs you at the beginning and holds you all the way through and you are absolutely gutted when it ends because … you never want it to end. This is that film.


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